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Today almost every business, organisation, charity or club has a website. But many do not think enough about what their website is for and what they hope to achieve.

There can be massive cost advantages for small to medium enterprises and organisations trying to make a limited budget go a long way - a website is less expensive than print publicity or other forms of advertising and promotion. However, it is only really cost effective if you know how to make it work for you. The range of functions can vary dramatically - some sites need little more than to display basic factual information, others need to incorporate news, blogs, video, photos and to link into social media. A website should be tailored to suit your business need, budget and resource.

We can help you produce an attractive, well designed and easy to navigate website that connects people to what you do.

Talk to us about web design and e-commerce

With design partner Glory Hall we offer a full design and build service for content-managed or static websites and can help you get an online shop set up, sometimes in as little as a few hours.

Engage your visitors

There is very little point in getting people to come to your website unless they stay and do something. Research indicates that you have less than a minute in which to engage a visitor.

  • If your website isn't engaging both in terms of visual design and content they will quickly leave. So make sure the first thing a visitor sees is relevant and attractive.
  • If people find your website hard to work out and can't easily find what they want, they will leave.
  • If your site looks well laid out and professional it will inspire confidence. Conversely, a poor design will discourage visitors.