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Audio and podcasting

With the multiplicity of new media available to audiences and consumers, audio still plays a major part.

Probably the most significant change in media consumption habits is that we increasingly expect to view and listen when it suits us and not just when the broadcaster chooses. On-demand listening and podcasts are now mainstream.

Podcasting is quick, affordable and effective. If you have a website you can podcast.

Talk to us about audio and podcast production

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  • Record audiences of 48 million (91%) of adults listen to radio every week. (RAJAR Q2 2016 survey)
  • 38% of all audio listening is on devices other than radio sets, primarily PC/laptop (11% of all audio) and smartphones (8%). (RAJAR Midas Audio survey)
  • Listeners to podcasts spend over six hours a week with them with 91% of their listening being to speech-based content. (RAJAR Midas Audio survey)
  • Smartphone access accounts for 53% of podcast listening hours in the UK. (statista.com)